Fabienne Lasserre, ‘Warm Side In’, 2010, Nina Johnson

About Fabienne Lasserre

Breaking down boundaries—between masculine and feminine; reality and fantasy; and different artistic disciplines—Fabienne Lasserre creates deliberately uncategorizable works that are both painting and sculpture (or perhaps neither). As she explains: “I make works that are in between sculptures and paintings, as representations of an ‘excluded middle,’ the part that is left out when things are divided into categories.” The truth-bending genres of science fiction and mythology underpin Lasserre’s practice, and the amorphous forms of Eva Hesse, Lynda Benglis, and Franz West inspire her. She creates both freestanding and wall-mounted biomorphic shapes—elongated loops, blob- and finger-like protrusions, circular and square planes, and bulbous masses—out of brightly colored fabrics, clay, paint, and metal armatures. For Lasserre, tactility is paramount. She uses it to draw the viewer in to her works and to the malleable vision of reality they represent.

Canadian, Ottawa, Canada, based in Brooklyn, New York

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Jeff Bailey Gallery at Dallas Art Fair 2014