Fabienne Verdier, ‘Table d’harmonies II En Primary blue’, 2015, Custot Gallery Dubai

Signature: signed on the reverse

Artist’s Studio

About Fabienne Verdier

Educated in Tolouse, France, and Sichuan, China, painter Fabiene Verdier has developed a style and technique that are equal parts Western Modernism and traditional Chinese calligraphy. However, Verdier downplays her background: “I love it when people view my work without knowing anything about me.” Many of Verdier’s paintings are the result of exercises in making continuous movements with a brush in different ways, during which she varies pressure, speed, and ink density. Commonly found motifs include dashes, circular forms, and winding lines. Verdier typically works with an enormous paintbrush—made from multiple horses’ tails—suspended from the ceiling, over a canvas spread across the floor. She also creates “Walking Paintings” using a technique in which she guides ink in large quantities across paper laid on the ground by walking over it.

French, b. 1962, Paris, France, based in Paris, France