Fabrice Samyn, ‘Fabrice Samyn, You are the sun not the reflection’, 2015, Meessen De Clercq

About Fabrice Samyn

Fabrice Samyn’s work, in its multiple mediums, engages with history, the passage of time, and the presentation of art. Samyn explains: “My work attempts to reveal time, or rather natural phenomena of time (erosion for example) as creative.” Many of her pieces reference—or reimagine—Classical sculpture, Renaissance painting, and Dutch portraiture. In “Sinai” (2010) one of her better-known photographic series, Samyn photographs the severed necks of Greek sculptures, but cropped and lit in such a way that they become abstract landscapes. Her oil paintings often draw from imagery from Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Georges de la Tour, but with erosion or reflections of light, such that the painting’s surface appears distorted. Samyn’s commonly used materials include oil, wood, cyanotype photography, marble, glass, photogravure, and antiques.

Belgian, b. 1981, Brussels, Belgium, based in Brussels, Belgium