FAILE, ‘Strange Encounters’, 2007, Addicted Art Gallery

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Signature: Hand signed and numbered

Arty-Fact: Early in their collaboration, FAILE explored how a minimalistic image can be powerful enough to trigger a collective memory – such as the John F. Kennedy assassination or the attack of the World Trade Center in 2001.

The duo considered their affinity with the Challenger Space Shuttle exploding after take-off in 1986. Both were in grade school and pulled out of class to watch the launch live on television. They witnessed first hand the tragedy that unfolded.

Based on this conversation, FAILE conceived a simple graphic of a falling space shuttle which had been set aflame, and placed the image around the streets of New York together with the symbols “1986” and “51-L.”

FAILE has often used the image of the Challenger Space Shuttle in their work and sign their pieces with ‘1986’ instead of their names.

Source: designboom


Street artists to their core, Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller make up FAILE, an artistic collaborative whose kinetic, image-saturated paintings, prints, sculptures, and installations have been enlivening public spaces and city and gallery walls since the turn of the 21st century. Though they are busy with exhibitions and public commissions across America and abroad, they remain focused on the street, where their work first appeared as stickers, posters, and stenciled images. Democratic and urban, FAILE is influenced by manga and the rhythm of city life, as evidenced by the mash-up of comic book and cartoon characters, advertising and propaganda slogans, bright patterns and colors, and historical and pop cultural references animating their work. With the same savvy wit that infuses their compositions, Faile claims that their name refers to the notion that “you could Faile to succeed.”

American, Founded 1999, based in Brooklyn, New York