Fan Ho, ‘Departed, Hong Kong, 1957/2010’, 2016, Blue Lotus Gallery

Ho Fan’s work

Ho Fan first photographs where taken and printed over 60 years ago, photography and printing methods evolved dramatically over time so therefore there are 3 major types of prints: Original Vintage Prints, Resin Coated Vintage and Ltd Edition.

Art markets have evolved too... In the early days there hardly was 'a market' and prints were made with the sole purpose of entering competitions and exhibitions.

Vintage Gelatin prints are fiber-base photographs hand printed by Ho Fan himself in the 50's and 60's. They have Ho Fan's stamps or hand written notes on the back of various awards they may have won. Ho Fan at the time would usually not have printed more then a handful per image (apart for a few very popular ones) and very often just a few or the one (if any at all) remain. They come in various sizes.

Resin Coated printing was regarded 'state-of-the-art' printing in the late 70's and was a imposed by the Taiwanese Photography Salon as the new standard. These gelatin prints are also developed by Ho Fan himself in the dark room for the purpose of museum exhibitions and are rare just like the Vintage ones. They usually are matted to 40x50cm apart of a few exceptions.

Limited Edition photographs are recent archival pigment prints made from the old negative under supervision of the artist, made 2006 onwards and are signed and dated (both date of image-taking and print) by Ho Fan. They come in three sizes small comes in an edition of 25, is matted to 40 x 50 cm, medium comes in an edition of 15 and is matted to 50 x 60 cm and large comes in an edition of 10 is matted to 65 x 90 cm. All are including a white border, sizes of images vary.

More works available upon request, please contact us for information.

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