Fani Zguro, ‘All Around the Amateurs’, 2016, Gallery On The Move

To climb his happiness, would be well express'd
In our condition. – William Shakespeare (Timon of Athens)

This world which belongs to us, from which we tremble and we love, this world nearly invisible, unfathomable with subtle rules, this world almost in all point of views coarse, insidious,sharp and soft which is protected by 'unsophisticated' viewers and the faithful curious. This is the ideal picture of the series "All Around the Amateurs". The production and the reproduction of real life. My role in this series is merely to continually collect pictures realized by people which used photography as many people are using it now; to document and record their daily lives;those moments when they are not thinking of their daily errands and their rituals like work, home, forced relationships and various exchanges.But these are tourist moments which everyone thinks they are banal. But at the moment a man is a tourist, he becomes a spotter, a creator, away from the "slumberous drug". Now-days things are the same as they used to be. But lets not worry about it. Because we have a chance to become a traveling tourist, to take the 'direction" of an ancient thought, and to picture with all its potentiality the elements of joy. This is the general welfare: a landscape printed badly, a statue in darkness which seems has lost its life, an extravagant makeup, an event in the countryside, a pagan feast that reminds you of bodega, a zoo that welcomes as well domestic pets, a bodega in Cuba with a screenplay by Graham Greene,pilgrimages by the fascist juntas, wonderful swans, a pastor over a lake, two shadows that kiss, two man clash and a polar bear that swims over an artificial pond. This is the magic eye of an amateur photographer. He is now striving to get the perfect shoot. He takes pictures, as he would clean the stacks, send mails, hosts and accompanies causal visitors or cooks see food following a fake menu. The amateur photographer is delivered from any ill feeling. He does not know how to think historically. He does not wish to unburden himself from the models of life that brought him up to now. He is detached from any embarrassed precursor. The amateur photographer is reproducing his daily life at those epochs were they will take pride in his human feelings. He does not recognize the survival of fear in front of the "wild cruel animal" ( for which, being free is the ultimate pride of those epochs). These epochs belong to his magic eye which takes pictures to resurrect that wild animal which is dead at the end. Without waiting, he lives, breaths, feels the sweetness from the wild element which accompanies him since the beginning. The amateur photographer is wild in spirit and body. Not hiding from himself, pulled back by his wilderness, he dives into his desires deep in the heart. He gazes at everything: the kid and the giraffe, the church and the neon society, the wooden prophet and the lively child, the stars and the lake, the kid that follows his mom, the mom that kisses her kid, fearful caves from the middle ages and the war and the child who returns back to war. That necessary thing that the amateur eye calls "soul", wants to be free in-itself and around it, in order to feel himself god. Sundays...

Series: All Around the Amateurs, 2016

Signature: Fani Zguro

Image rights: Fani Zguro

Berlin, Germany

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