Fani Zguro, ‘Early Works   ’, 2007, Gallery On The Move

During 2006/2007 l started to recycle all my paintings that I stored during my child years till ‘90. This recycling consists in grouping hundreds paintings and simple drawings, above which I write various English words taken from the dictionary. This pertains to the older cycle, meanwhile above the infantile paintings I have written passages from Artaud's “Pour en finir avec le jugement de Dieu”.

Signature: Fani Zguro

Image rights: Fani Zguro and Gallery On The Move

Art Geneve 2016

Gallery On The Move, But l Remember Everything, Fani Zguro, GOM Editions, Tirana (cat) 2017
Gallery On The Move, Works On Paper, Fani Zguro, GOM Editions, Tirana (cat.) 2015

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