Fani Zguro, ‘Exterminators’, 2016, Gallery On The Move

The genesis of “Exterminators” is Eddie of Iron Maiden and the book with the same title by William Burroughs.This is the fourth series of Exterminators. The first series started in 2006 by manipulating several left leaning Italian political figures, taken from a calendar published in the same year. The second series is in 2010, which consisted in a floor covered with 80 drawings which are the manuscripts of a book written by Fani Zguro titled “Mr. Dosti”. Over the original manuscripts are drawn with coal the portraits of Eddie of Iron Maiden and are written several names of people who somehow were part of this project. The fourth series is in 2012, which consisted in manipulating with pen pictures of ex-dictator E. Hoxha, by configuring him in Eddie's portraits. Meanwhile the last series Exterminators (2016) consists in manipulating with black pen portraits of german soldiers in the second world war. The materials used are original pictures black and white between 1930-40.

Signature: Fani Zguro

Image rights: Fani Zguro

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