Farid Rasulov, ‘Iguana in the kitchen’, 2014, Sanatorium

About Farid Rasulov

With visually noisy, perceptually stressful, hypothetical interiors, Farid Rasulov explores cultural identities through the lens of objects and traditions. His series of carpeted interiors, in which European-style living rooms are covered with Azerbaijani carpets, pays tribute to centuries-old trade routes and Azerbaijan’s rich cultural heritage. Fascinated by the clash between Eastern and Western aesthetics, Rasulov chooses textiles that convey the differences between the two. The Azerbaijani carpets are positioned as emblems of national heritage, while the formal furniture and objects are considered European status symbols. Many of his works, such as Dogs in the Living Room (2014), feature solid white animal sculptures, which represent purity, set in contrast with intense patterned surroundings.

Azerbaijani, b. 1985, Azerbaijan

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Farid Rasulov - Dogs in the Living Room

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