Farideh Lashai, ‘Le Temps Perdu’, 2007-2012, Leila Heller Gallery

About Farideh Lashai

One of the most prominent female Iranian artists working today, Farideh Lashai produces painting, sculpture, installation, and video work, drawing primarily from her own personal history and also the broader history of modern Iran. Lashai’s practice has increasingly focused on combinations of painting and animated projections, in which real and imaginary characters journey through the abstract spaces of her large canvases. Prelude (2010) is part of a series of these projections-on-painting that follows the misadventures of a rabbit—a stand-in for the artist herself—that must negotiate the contending ideologies of Iran. Also a published writer, Lashai is interested in exploring narrative through various mediums.

Iranian, 1944-2013, Rasht, Iran