Farrell Brickhouse, ‘Strong Men II’, 2012, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery
Farrell Brickhouse, ‘Strong Men II’, 2012, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery

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Farrell Brickhouse writes, “I find I have this large vocabulary to draw from. Imagery that has woven its way thru my entire career is available and malleable. I have access to this personal history with a renewed understanding of it’s original intent and a deepening understanding of how these “forms” can continue to speak for me in paint. I also seek to explore the range of subject matter my paintings can encompass as I look to everyday experiences, tell stories and paint about current events in a expanding as well as deepening vocabulary. At its best, making art is a revelatory experience, a conduit to the beauty and mystery in the miracle of simply being here. Painting is the wish and the prayer and the offering all in one. It is an act of faith just to pick up the brush.”

About Farrell Brickhouse

“I want my paintings to be a haunted living presence that reveals to the viewer passion, intellect [and] mystery and that changes with each day’s new light,” says painter Farrell Brickhouse.
Working primarily in oil on wood panel and in gouache on canvas, Brickhouse applies paint in a thick impasto that shows evidence of his process. Daubs of paint congeal into loosely defined figures whose indistinct forms and lack of specific identities give the work the sense of being archetypal.

American, b. 1949, based in Staten Island, NY, USA