Federico Cattaneo, ‘3 Lines’, 2013, Geary

About Federico Cattaneo

Federico Cattaneo’s mixed-media wall pieces combine variations of found wood, fabric, and paint into abstract compositions that draw inspiration from Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism. Cattaneo carves lines into wooden panels and fills them in with paint, forming colorful incisions in the style of gestural abstraction. Frequently including swaths of fabric, his works also feature grids painted over, or gouged into, their surfaces so that they reveal a background pattern beneath, creating tension between the works’ flatness and sense of three-dimensional space. The “cage-like patterns and frames establish the image in another space,” he has said, “and emphasize the ‘flatness’ or the surface.”

Argentinian, b. 1985, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Solo Shows

New York,
Constructed Lines