Felicity Hammond, ‘Untitled 04, from In Defence of Industry’, 2017, The Photographers' Gallery

Image rights: © Felicity Hammond

About Felicity Hammond

Photographer and installation artist Felicity Hammond is fascinated by “political contradictions within the urban landscape,” she says. Employing crisp and occasionally unusual darkroom techniques, she catalogs construction sites and obsolete built environments, transforming each landscape into a lush and troubling tableau that recalls the meticulous composition of a still life painting. Propelled by the precariousness she senses in our post-industrial economy, she seeks to distill everyday detritus into a sense of longing. Through her luminous prints and videos, she finds potent allegory in subjects such as abandoned power stations and construction equipment. Recent work locates her dystopian sensibility in the collision of digital and physical formats, as in a recent series that sets manufacturing tools against the blue of a blank computer screen.


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