Felix Berroa, ‘Embracing New Worlds’, 2013, Studio 905 on Juniper

Artists were asked to paint “What does it mean to a USA Citizen?” Or “How is the USA viewed today?” or “What does the USA represent to you?”
Felix Berroa answer: "A great embrace to the world outside, creating a great nation of immigrants. New York is the perfect example of a great embrace to the diversity, of cultures from many different nationalities."

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This piece was painted for the "Divided State of America" at Studio 905 on Juniper on October 2013.
The Divided State of America", a provocative new, larger than life, nine-piece collection of paintings by San Francisco spray paint artist, Chor Boogie, commissioned by scientist, inventor, immigrant, and entrepreneur, Dr. Nirmal Mulye, highlights the tension between the broken pieces of an ideologically fractured America.

"The Divided State of America" made its national debut at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. in October 2012, and was lauded by critics and the public alike as "groundbreaking", "powerful", "disturbing", "provocative", "impactful", "inspiring", “timely", and "controversial”. The traveling exhibit comes directly from California and is based on the original work.

The exhibit also included 12 local artist who were asked to paint "What does it mean to be a USA citizen?" or "What does the USA represent to you?"

About Felix Berroa

Felix Berroa paints to express his passion for life, death, and the dreams of all humans. He started drawing and carving when he was a child, and has been fascinated by the human figure ever since. Though he began making work that was more realistic, his current practice abstracts his figures into dreamlike characters. Vibrant yet subtle hues saturate each image, as does a complex narrative that addresses the many sides of humanity. Berroa uses large fields of color in combination with intricate line work, which he says is inspired by his experience working as an etcher. With his main focus on women and children, Berroa works to illuminate the tender beauty and life giving ability to those often exploited.

Dominican, b. 1952, San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic, based in Atlanta, Georgia