Feodor Voronov, ‘Double Fold’, 2013, Mark Moore Fine Art

Signature: Verso

About Feodor Voronov

Feodor Voronov draws inspiration from the philosopher Jon Rajchman’s term “operative formalism” to produce swirling, colorful paintings that explore the formal aesthetics of language, experimenting with the impact of repetition on perception. Voronov typically begins with a word, using the letters as a starting point for a complex arrangement of lines and patterns—rendered in acrylic, marker, ball-point pen, and spray paint—that spin out from the center of the canvas. Speaking of his incorporation of words into paintings, Voronov has said, “My interest lies primarily in their shape, look, and compositional capabilities.”

Russian, b. 1980, St. Petersburg, Russia, based in Los Angeles, California