Fernanda Fragateiro, ‘(Não) Ler  Maravilhasdo Mundo #1’, 2014, Baginski, Galeria/Projectos

About Fernanda Fragateiro

Fernanda Fragateiro is best known for her site-specific sculptures and architectural interventions in unexpected spaces like monasteries, orphanages, and abandoned buildings. Her smaller sculptures, often resembling small architectural models, are made from found metals, dissected books, and other mass-produced goods. Fragateiro sees her practice as a reinterpretation of Minimalism, which she accomplishes by giving her objects the illusion of functionality and utilitarian design. “Ironically, Minimalism, as an act of negation towards both aesthetics and social values was also the negation of meaning,” she says. “I use meaning as a working material.”

Portuguese, b. 1962