Fernanda Gomes, ‘Untitled ’, 2015, Galeria Luisa Strina

About Fernanda Gomes

Fernanda Gomes considers the exhibition space an extension of her own studio—she always makes her work on-site, and only after spending sufficient amounts of time within it. Gomes, who is known for her small and large-scale installations that combine painting and sculpture practices, thinks of her own work a series of suggestions for movement through space and time. “My intention is not to tie physical, architectonic space to a physical situation,” Gomes says, “but to a state of mental and emotional concentration.” Her works, which are largely untitled, are made from fragile and elemental materials like wood scraps, chalk, brick, plaster, cardboard, thread, gold, and water. She will sometimes apply a coat of white paint to her structures, but more frequently lets show their natural colors.

Brazilian, b. 1960, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil