Fernando Brambilla, ‘Ruins of Saragossa: Hospital General de Nuestra Señora de Gracia’, 1808-1814, British Museum

About Fernando Brambilla

Fernando Brambila was a painter of the Spanish Royal court, best remembered for his multitude of paintings and drawings of foreign landscapes. Brambila was asked by King Fernando VII to join expeditions with artists José del Pozo and José Guio in order to paint views of other countries. His subjects included scenes of Guam, the Philippines, Australia, Macao, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Brambila also received commissions to paint ruins, harbors, and royal palaces. Because he was actively painting during the transition between Romanticism and Neoclassicism, his works show evidence of both, in the grandeur of his landscapes and the precise renderings of architecture and perspective.

Spanish, 1763 - 1834