Fernando Gaspar, ‘Argonauts #P3’, 2013, Bill Lowe Gallery

About Fernando Gaspar

A self-taught artist exploring themes of identity and belonging, Fernando Gaspar tells stories and recounts journeys through his work. Gaspar’s painting, sculpture, and poetry are rooted in a fascination with the concept of territorial identity. His paintings examine the relationship between brushstrokes rather than color relationships. Just as identity is determined by language and a sense of belonging, Gaspar attempts to reveal identifying marks and underscore similarities. “Argonauts” (2013), for example, is a series of oversized iron helmets inspired by the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts. The helmets are stand-ins for the heroes, encapsulating the entire tale, the figures, and their values.

Portuguese, b. 1966, based in Aveiro, Portugal

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