Fernando Velázquez, ‘da série about complexity, #0003’, 2016, Zipper Galeria

About Fernando Velázquez

São Paulo-based artist Fernando Velázquez mines prominent midcentury traditions of abstraction for his multimedia works, which reflect on the nature of technology. Working in video, installation, prints, and interactive media, Velázquez’s work conjures comparisons to minimalism, net art, op art, and neoconcretism. His pieces range from bold mash-ups of pixelated forms to spare, colorful videos of vibrating patterns. Velázquez continues the traditions of the aforementioned movements by raising questions about how abstraction can visualize and stimulate mental processes and how technology mediates the world. “There is another semantic layer, very complex and rhizomatic, related to the way we perceive the world, and build and trigger memory and knowledge,” he has said.

Uruguayan, b. 1970, Montevideo, Uruguay, based in São Paulo, Brazil