Fieroza Doorsen, ‘Untitled (ID 1280)’, 2017, IdeelArt
Fieroza Doorsen, ‘Untitled (ID 1280)’, 2017, IdeelArt

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In her abstract drawings, collages and paintings, Fieroza Doorsen brings to life the tensions and harmonies that emerge when structure meets intuition. Her visual language occupies a middle ground between the organic and the geometric, the systematic and the random. The surfaces on which she works, mostly weathered sheets of paper, are tactile and possessive of their own presence. She acts as a medium between her materials and the patterns, systems and shapes they reveal. The resultant compositions feel less like they are supported by surfaces and more like they are inevitable continuations of them.

Though abstract, each composition Doorsen develops possesses a confident sense of its own explanation. The work is determined to meet viewers halfway, bringing with it an intrinsic aesthetic meaning while remaining open to contemplation, forming new meanings out of the spectatorial relationship. While interacting with these works one cannot avoid the feeling of flux, that processes are at work. Patterns may emerge, but conclusions are rarely reached. One is simply left with a sense of the ephemeral ways shapes occupy surfaces, forms occupy space, and color organizes the relationships between the visual elements of the world.

Signature: Verso

From the artist’s studio

About Fieroza Doorsen

Expanding upon her formal education in printmaking, South Africa-born Fieroza Doorsen works with charcoal, ink, pastel, oil, acrylic, and collage on both paper and canvas to investigate mark-making, spatial relations, and formal contrasts. While Doorsen’s visual language is decidedly abstract and emphasizes pattern and color, it is also grounded in familiar, expression-based calligraphic marks. Her use of materials like tissue paper and wax is reminiscent of Arte Povera in that she imbues old objects with a new purpose. Doorsen has experimented with figurative imagery over the course of her career, but regularly returns to abstraction. Her style has grown increasingly painterly over time, with colors and patterns bleeding into each other.

British, b. 1960, based in London, United Kingdom