Filip Dujardin, ‘GMRS 005’, 2012, Highlight Gallery

About Filip Dujardin

Seeking to explore the sculptural qualities of architecture, Filip Dujardin creates photomontages of impossible structures pieced together from photographs of real buildings. As exemplified by his “Fictions” series, Dujardin’s fabrications often resemble abandoned Soviet-era megastructures and buildings by architects such as Rem Koolhaas and Frank Gehry. Dujardin studied art history, architecture, and photography, and worked as an architectural photographer before growing bored with his subjects. He began to play with his images, first erasing doors and windows on existing structures, and later crafting entire buildings from scratch. He uses Lego to create maquettes and then digitally collages elements from real buildings onto the Lego skeletons. Hyperrealistic, subtle symmetries mark Dujardin’s structures, which reference the work of Belgian surrealist artists like René Magritte and Raoul Servais.

Belgian, b. 1971