Fiona Pardington, ‘Female Phrenology Bust (Courtesy of the Musee de l'Homme (Musee National d'Histoire Naturelle), Paris)’, 2010, Lisa Sette Gallery

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About Fiona Pardington

A photographer renowned for her mastery of analog darkroom techniques like hand printing and toning, Fiona Pardington creates images that explore themes of history, psychoanalysis, memory, and the relationship between photographer and subject. In her practice, the artist has delved into the past, photographing a range of subjects including Māori ancestral treasures—Pardington herself is of Māori and Scottish descent—phrenology models, the now-extinct huia bird, and even a milliner’s silk flowers found at a Paris flea market. “Time is everything to a photographer—how we situate ourselves and others in time, and how the past is served up in the present, how we take the present in to the future when we take or own a photograph,” she has said. “Death, life and the likeness—that is a photograph.”

Maori-Scottish, b. 1961, Auckland, New Zealand, based in Auckland, New Zealand