Firat Engin, ‘“Masa da masaymış ha!” // “Table”’, 2015, KUAD GALLERY

About Firat Engin

Mixed-media artist Firat Engin combines video and sound with repurposed household goods such as washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and microwaves, alongside neon tubing, vitrines, and a wide variety of other found objects both large and small. He uses evocative and referential titles as critical elements of his works, like In Memory of Gregor Samsa (2010) or Clean and Sweet Smelling (is it?) (2011), which are intended to draw the viewer’s attention to certain complexities and go beyond a merely visual reading. From 2007-12, Engin created large-scale monumental sculpture—without any found or repurposed objects—in marble and rusted metal, embarking on more formal explorations of scale, material, and architecture.

Turkish, b. 1982

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