Flavie Audi, ‘Superlunary Cloud Rhombus Ring’, 2017, Elisabetta Cipriani

When Noor Fares encounters the world of Flavie Audi, a marvellous jewellery collection comes to life. Bringing the name of Superlunary, this collection fuses the crucial points of their artistic practices. On the one hand, there is Noor’s minimal aesthetic and the celebration of lunar bodies transfixed in eternal fluidity. On the other hand, there is Flavie’s exploration into the symbiosis of the synthetic and the natural.

The collection counts 15 unique pieces in the shape of necklaces and pendants, earrings, a ring, a brooch and a bracelet.These artistic jewels are created through different processes: hand carved stones requiring high levels of craftsmanship inlaid with artificial and natural gems, synthetic resin that swallows natural stones to form ethereal clouds and silver with resin moulded by a 3D printer. These materials form together suggestive and ambiguous juxtaposition through which the lines between the two are blurred. This duality invites viewer and wearer to consider the relative merits of each material. In an era of technological innovation that has seen the creation of flawless, synthetic diamonds, undetectable by man or machine, Superlunary questions the values and authenticity of these materials.

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Flavie Audi and Noor Fares

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