Florence Miller Pierce, ‘Untitled Totem #2B’, 1967, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Inc.

About Florence Miller Pierce

Florence Miller Pierce was known for thought provoking abstract, non-objective, monochromatic painting rooted in her dedication to Zen Buddhism and meditation. Many of her works give the appearance of floating off the wall, something she achieved with richly colored and textured geometric shapes---polygons, triangles, and rectangles---encased in divided layers of transparent resin over colors that had been softened through mixing with with milled fiberglass.

Working with resin to create textures occurred for her in 1969 when she 51 years old and was in her New Mexico studio making foam sculpture. A chance spill of resin landed on a piece of aluminum foil, and when it hardened, it 'shimmered', and she was fascinated. Learning that she could create an interesting effect with resin adhering to mirrored tiles, "she would continue with the new body of work for nearly 35 years." (Regan)

Florence Pierce died at age 90 at her home in Albuquerque on October 25, 2007

— Submitted by William Campbell Contemporary Art, Inc.