Florian Slotawa, ‘SG.09.3’, 2017, Galerie Nordenhake

About Florian Slotawa

Florian Slotawa’s works are an extension of his interest in the fluid boundaries between everyday and art objects, between things that belong in private and public spaces. Slotawa works primarily in assemblage, sculpture, and installation, using items from his home or commonly found goods from hardware and furniture stores. He has installed the contents of his own home in a gallery, misassembled Ikea furniture into monumental sculpture, and constructed unlikely combinations of objects. He is known for his orderly sensibility, revealed in geometric compositions and repetitive sequencing. In the late 1990s, he made his best-known series of photographs; titled “Besitzarbeiten” and “Hotelarbeiten”, they presented neatly organized inventories of his own home and of hotel rooms, respectively, that were disassembled and returned following the project’s completion.

German, b. 1972, Rosenheim, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany