Floris Neusüss, ‘Nachtbild (112)’, 1994, Von Lintel Gallery

About Floris Neusüss

Floris Neüsuss is a pioneer of photographic art, particularly known for cameraless techniques and photograms. Neüsuss is drawn to this particular method of photography because, as he describes, “perspective and horizon are absent from photograms, so the space is theoretically unending.” He thinks of these more like paintings than photographs because he composes his works in a step-by-step process, and also modifies his prints with brushes or rags dipped in chemicals in painterly gestures. Neüsuss is perhaps most famous for his full-body photograms, first shown in the 1960s, which resulted in monumentally sized prints. In the 1970s, he made his Nudogramms, so named for their nude subjects. Neüsuss draws inspiration from the work of Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy.

German, b. 1937