f.marquespenteado, ‘Installation view "Common Denominator"’, 2013, Mendes Wood DM

About f.marquespenteado

f.marquespenteado’s colorful installations and textile works combine delicate embroidery and a folk art aesthetic with unconventional found materials such as plastic, neoprene, and discarded objects from the street. Working under this gender-less pseudonym, the artist represents sexuality, human relations, and homo-erotic encounters through naive drawings that he then embroiders over, telling a pictorial story stitch by stitch. The early exhibition “Boys who sew” was the product of working with prisoners in London—an experience that influenced his subsequent work, which often depicts violence between men in a medium usually associated with feminine craft. Contrasting social critique with bright domesticity, the series “New Realism” consists of notebooks and decorative plates overlaid with brutal images of men violated in Brazilian prisons.

Brazilian, b. 1955, Sao Paolo, Brazil, based in Porto, Portugal