Fong Chung-Ray, ‘2015-10-5’, 2015, Galerie du Monde

Fong Chung-Ray (1933-)
A front-runner in the development of Taiwanese modern art and born into a well-educated family, Fong Chung-Ray is considered a key member of Fifth Moon. He once stated that 'Fifth Moon artists have borrowed the fire from abstractionism to light the lamp of modern Chinese further pioneer the spirit of non-realism and to revive the spirit of non-reality and fantasy, which was the basis of much traditional Chinese art.' His brush hair is specially made with palm hair, which leads to a convergence of Abstract Expressionism and traditional Eastern art style. Instead of the realistic portrayal of objects, his drawings present an exploration of life and the universe. Since the late 1980s, Fong has combined Chinese Calligraphy with abstract painting, converting Chinese characters into art through collage.

About Fong Chung-Ray