FOS Ceramiche, ‘Anthozoa-Gorgo’, 2016, MADEINBRITALY

In almost thirty years of activity FOS Ceramiche has treasured an unparalleled technological heritage, specializing in the processing of porcelain, a material whose peculiar construction gives objects matchless technical and aesthetic characteristics. The long and meticulous preparation of the models makes it possible to appreciate the beauty of the composition, the perfection of the forms and the detailed accuracy of unglazed porcelain, also known as biscuit. The decoration, both at full pattern and brush, is always applied by hand, as well as the further delicate addition of noble metals such as gold and platinum, making the finishing of each artefact extremely precious. Creative thinking, innovative challenge, constant research and quality control are behind the genesis and the realization of FOS Ceramiche artworks matching centuries-old techniques with a contemporary language.

About FOS Ceramiche

Italian, based in Faenza, Province of Ravenna, Italy

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