Francesco Arena, ‘Palla (casa)’, 2017, Studio Trisorio
Francesco Arena, ‘Palla (casa)’, 2017, Studio Trisorio
Francesco Arena, ‘Palla (casa)’, 2017, Studio Trisorio

Each sculpture belonging to the series has been divided in half in different manner: the clay “slab” was divided by acting upon its thickness, the “ball” was sectioned into two parts, the “tube” was bent until breaking point and the “block” was divided by pulling its two extremities in the opposite directions.

Series: “divided and distanced sculptures”

Manufacturer: Fonderia Battaglia


About Francesco Arena

Francesco Arena’s abstract, conceptual works involve an ever-changing list of materials, but are united in their aim to re-present past events. Arena’s primary subjects are historic occurrences of trauma, violence, and struggle, and their manifestation as statistical facts and in narratives and collective memories. “When I choose a fact that informs the work, I’m not doing it to try to discover truth,” Arena once said, “but to grasp a truth that, starting from the fact in question, becomes a tool for looking at everything else.” Topics addressed in previous works have included the clandestine escape of migrants, bombings from World War II, accidental deaths of criminals, and large-scale massacres.

Italian, b. 1978, Torre Santa Susanna, Brindisi, Italy, based in Cassano delle Murge, Bari, Italy