Francesco Salvator Fontebasso, ‘Design for a fountain of Neptune in his chariot drawn by four hippocamps, flanked by nymphs and putti’, Christie's Old Masters

Byam Shaw was the first to publish this drawing which he considered to be an example of Tiepolo's influence on Fontebasso's use of pen and wash with minimal hatching.

Wellesley, MA, Wellesley College, Jewett Art Center, and New York, Charles E. Slatkin Galleries, Eighteenth century Italian drawings, no. 18 (frontispiece).
Vancouver, Vancouver Art Gallery, 18th century Venetian art in Canadian collections, 1989, no. 61.

J. Byam Shaw, 'The drawings of Francesco Fontebasso', Arte Veneta, 1954, p. 324, fig. 322.

with Colnaghi, London.

with Charles E. Slatkin Galleries, New York.

About Francesco Salvator Fontebasso

Italian, 1707-1769, Venice, Italy, based in Venice, Italy

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