Francesco Zucchi, ‘A view of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome’, Christie's Old Masters

Engraved by Salmon, Lo stato presente, circa 1740-1761.

The view is taken from a column near the Basilica of Constantine. It is a study for an engraving in the second edition of Salmon's Lo stato presente di tutti paesi e popolo del mondo
(Vol. XXII, pl. 110) published circa 1740-61 by G.B. Albrizzi in Venice.

Signature: Inscribed 'Sta Maria Maggiore' changed to 'Maraisse'

Mrs. S.E. Prestige; Sotheby's, London, 9 July 1968, part of lot 97 (£220 to Faerber & Maison).

with Paul Drey Gallery, New York.

About Francesco Zucchi

Italian, 1692-1764, Venice, Italy, based in Venice, Italy

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