Francie Bishop Good, ‘Found Me’, 2018, Mindy Solomon Gallery

About Francie Bishop Good

Drawing upon her own life experiences to convey those of others, Francie Bishop Good traverses geographical, social, and economic boundaries to capture diverse people and scenes in her paintings, photographs, and mixed-media compositions. “Life’s stages and domestic moments are my subjects,” she has said. “I strive to show struggle that is unique to the individual but also [transcends] psychological and geographical boundaries.” Though she considers herself a painter, and grounds her practice in the medium’s principles of composition, color, and form, she has focused on photography since 1998. Working in series, she has captured wealthy art patrons, her pre-adolescent niece, dogs in Havana, and mothers with their babies, in color-saturated, large-scale photographs. Citing Edward Hopper and Alice Neel as influences, Bishop Good seeks fleeting moments of vulnerability, which she immortalizes with a quick click of her shutter.

American, b. 1949, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Solo Shows

David Castillo Gallery, 
Miami Beach ,
Francie Bishop Good: Far From Apple Hill