Francis Upritchard, ‘Pewter Tankard’, 2012, Anton Kern Gallery

About Francis Upritchard

Francis Upritchard sculpts small figures that she combines with found objects such as fake Wedgwood vases, ceramic lamp bases, and vintage jewelry. Using beautiful custom-made tables crafted by her furniture-designer husband, Martino Gamper, Upritchard creates nostalgia-laden tabletop tableaux that explore asceticism and excess by dwarfing symbolic human characters and archetypes with cast-off detritus from everyday life. Her preoccupation—both philosophical and aesthetic—with reclamation and reuse has grown out of a lifestyle that embraces all forms of scavenging, from thrift shopping to garbage picking. By surrounding her vulnerable sculptures with unexpected objects like faux-Maori sculptures, field hockey sticks and other sporting equipment, funerary urns, shrunken monkey heads made from found fur, and old leather gloves, Upritchard creates alternative histories.

New Zealander, b. 1976, New Plymouth, New Zealand