Francisco Toledo, ‘Cameron y barco’, 1974, MLA Gallery
Francisco Toledo, ‘Cameron y barco’, 1974, MLA Gallery
Francisco Toledo, ‘Cameron y barco’, 1974, MLA Gallery

This is a fine ink drawing by Toledo. It was acquired directly from the artist's studio, in 1974, and has outstanding provenance.
We guarantee the authenticity. This work is beautifully framed, with silk matting, and hardwood filets. All archival material.

Francisco Toledo is widely regarded as the most important, elusive and controversial artist working in Mexico today. His art draws on human, animal and mineral life and explores both indigenous, Zapotec, and worldwide cultures. He freely associates direct observations from nature with metaphors from literature and art. The work of Blake, Goya, and the writings of Kafka and Borges have been especially influential.

Signature: signed lower right.

MLA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Acquired by our collector, directly from the artist's studio, in the mid 1970's.

About Francisco Toledo

Francisco Toledo has dedicated his multi-disciplinary practice to the preservation and promotion of the arts and crafts of his native state, Oaxaca; Toledo has produced paintings, lithography, engravings, sculpture, ceramics, and designs for tapestries made in collaboration with artisans in Teotitlan del Valle. Toledo was greatly influenced by European artistic traditions—particularly by Jean Dubuffet, Joan Miró, Paul Klee, and Francisco Goya—as well as folk art. His hybrid style is characterized by its exaggerated and fantastical forms, with an emphasis on geometry and texture. He has depicted subjects both observed from nature and borrowed from dreams. Toledo’s mentor, Rufino Tamayo, credited him with the innovation of a new school of expression.

Mexican, b. 1940, Minatitlan, Oaxaca, Mexico