Francisco Ugarte, ‘Intervención a la Casa Barragán (Políptico)’, 2015, CURRO

About Francisco Ugarte

Mexican artist Francisco Ugarte grounds his multimedia, abstract works in the study of architecture and its effects, especially the role of light and geometry in constructing a viewer's perception of space. Sunlight I (2015), is a site-specific sculpture of eleven wooden pyramids that mark the movement of the sun. Every hour, between 7:15 am and 5:15 pm, one of the structures becomes perfectly aligned with the position of the sun, as to not cast a shadow. For Sala / Room "A" (2010), Ugarte covered an entire room in aluminum foil, a simple gesture aimed to capture the essential nature of a material and a place.

Mexican, b. 1973, Guadalajara, Mexico, based in Guadalajara, Mexico