Franco Cannilla, ‘Composition I’, ca. 1970, Wallector

Hand signed and numbered. Edition of 140 prints.
From the collection "Structures". Serigraphs by Franco Cannilla.
Edited by Polymnia Gallery of Rapallo and printed from the artisan laboratory "Seriarte" of Rome on Italgloss paper.

Signature: Hand signed and numbered.

About Franco Cannilla

Italian sculptor and painter Franco Cannilla was also a talented jewelry maker. Although he was recognized internationally for his art, Cannilla’s jewels were a more intimate expression of his practice. These pieces were oftentimes produced in small or limited quantities and are regarded as true expressions of his art—small sculptures that were intended to be worn, or as Alexander Calder described, “living works of art.” Best known for his unique and ornate jewelry designs, often in gold, Cannilla first exhibited his jewelry in Milan in 1949. His career was prolific, and also featured many successful collaborations with other Italian designers.

Italian, 1911-1985