François Azambourg, ‘"Miroir Estampé"’, 2012, Galerie kreo

About François Azambourg

François Azambourg is a prominent figure in contemporary French interior design, known for his combination of science, technology, and the applied arts. Gearing his work toward simplicity and lightness, Azambourg simplifies the materials of his objects to their basic function, as in the paper coffee pot he designed for a competition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in 1985. Azambourg went on to receive masters in industrial design from ENSAAMA, after which he spent 10 years researching in an attempt to improve the design of the saxophone; this period served to cultivate his focus on innovative, economical, and efficient design. Azambourg has developed new materials for Hermès as well as more experimental projects like his revolutionary self-constructing polyurethane Pack Chair and a house made of paper for a Japanese recycling group.

b. 1963, Angoulème, France