François Halard, ‘Carlo Mollino Chair’, 2004, Demisch Danant

About François Halard

François Halard is known for his photographs of interior spaces, architecture, and fashion, and his work is regularly featured in lifestyle magazines such as Vogue. Similar to the work of Cathleen Naundorf and Ralph Mesdon, Halard’s so-called house portraits have been praised for their psychological intensity. Halard takes special interest in capturing elements of space and place in relation to the psychology of people. A series from 2004 focused on the home of photographer, designer, and architect Carlo Mollino—who is undoubtedly an inspiration to Halard—spotlighting the textures and colors of Mollino’s carefully chosen artworks, furniture, and architectural elements. In Carlo Mollino Chair (2004), for example, a simple wooden chair is juxtaposed against an ornate tile floor and red velvet curtain.

French-American, b. 1961, Paris, France, based in New York & Paris