About Frank Hurley

Photojournalist and documentary film producer Frank Hurley is best known for serving as the official photographer of the 1914 Australian Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. His photographs capture the drama of the crew’s shipwreck and the cold, alien landscape of Antarctica. Hurley first began taking pictures for postcards in 1905, and soon made a name for himself as an adventure photographer. Hired as the first official Australian Imperial Forces photographer, Hurley captured images of soldiers during both World War I and World War II. A self-confessed showman, he went to great lengths to capture dramatic shots. Hurley often created composite photographs from several different negatives to maximize the theatrical and visual effects of a scene. A defender of pictorialism—a photographic style and movement—Hurley believed that his modified war photographs best captured the realities of war.

Australian, 1885-1962, Sydney, Australia