Frank Shifreen, ‘Untitled Abstraction’, 2013, IFAC Arts

Series: Meditation, Apollo vs. Dionysus

Signature: yes

About Frank Shifreen

Best known as a painter of neoexpressionist works that span figuration and abstraction, Frank Shifreen identifies as a painter first and foremost, though he also produces multimedia works. His practice navigates historical conventions in lush images that lure the viewer into the emotional fold of his work. He works with a bright palette, which has informed his recent forays into digital art production, taking the same expressionist tendency and filtering it through neon colors. Shifreen endeavors to reconcile the digital with the painterly; “I do what I see, and I don’t try to control what I do,” he has said. “I do nothing the same way twice.”

American, b. 1948, New London, Connecticut, based in New York, New York