Frank Webster, ‘Dalurinn (The Valley)’, 2017, HATHAWAY | Contemporary Gallery

About Frank Webster

With a certain dispassion, Frank Webster paints and draws meditative urban landscapes wherein architectural structures and other human footprints co-exist with natural elements. Neither critiquing nor celebrating modernity, Webster simply conveys the post-industrial experience in a poetic yet unsentimental manner. “The everyday world is made transcendent and strange—and is imbued with an ethereal and melancholy beauty,” he explains. Drawing on the traditions of realism and minimalism, his tonal precision and use of matte, de-saturated colors lend his acrylic canvases a depth and color typically associated with oil painting. He layers thin coats of transparent paint and varnish to add richness to the colors and achieve a subtle gradation.

American, b. 1966, based in Brooklyn, New York