Franz West, ‘Artist's choice’, 2001, Koller Auctions

Multiple. 1 Liter Rum, 1 Meter Strick and 1 CD. On the attached note signed: Franz West, also titled and described: ARTIST'S CHOICE 1 LITER RUM 1 METER STRICK UND AUS IS' MIT DER BLASMUSIK. FRANZ WEST, 2001. Box size 26.8 x 19.4 x 8.3 cm.Published by MAK ART Edition (with the stamp on the original box). In original box.

Property subject to VAT. For further information regarding lot specific stipulations on the "Applicability of VAT", refer to Section 2.4 of Koller’s Conditions of sale.

About Franz West

Franz West's work is influenced by the action and performance art of the 1960s, including Vienna's Actionism movement, in which artists engaged in destructive, violent acts of public behavior. Rejecting the traditional passive way of viewing art, West creates pieces as social experiences, as in his "Adaptives," started in the 1970s, small sculptures meant to be picked up and carried around, and chairs, lamps, and tables that can be moved and used. He is also known for distinctive collages that mix over-painted magazine clippings, ads, and pornographic images to absurdist effect, and bulky sculptures of foam, papier-mâché, cardboard, and objects that reference Expressionist painting.

Austrian, 1947-2012, Vienna, Austria, based in Vienna, Austria