Franz Xaver Winterhalter, ‘A Portrait of a Lady (thought to be Therese Freifrau Von Bethmann, nee Freiin Vrints V Treuenfeld)’, 1850, Robilant + Voena

Franz Xaver Winterhalter [1805-1873] - A portrait of a lady, thought to be Therese Freifrau von Bethmann [nee Freiin Vrints v. Treuenfeld] - three-quarter length, wearing a diamond set wedding ring, white silk dress with decorative dress hook and wrap, and on her head a coronet of flowers signed and dated F Winterhalter 1850 Paris centre right oil on canvas oval, 130 x 100cm, contained within a fine, contemporary wood, plaster and gilded frame, with ribbon and flower surmount, a crown and crest, with other plaster and gilded decorations throughout.

Signature: Signed and dated F Winterhalter 1850 Paris centre right

Image rights: Courtesy of Robilant+Voena

Prior To 1914 Unknown Circa 1914-1932 Thought To Be In The Collection Of Paul R Kuenrich, Holly Court, Sheffield. Circa 1930s, Sir Stuart And Lady Goodwin. 1960, Gifted To Mr & Mrs F Eske. Thence By Family Descent. The Frame Is Surmounted With A Coronet Appropriate To A Count Of The German Federation And Of The Holy Roman And Austrian Empires Ensigning The Accolle Shields Of Bethmann [Frankfurt On Main, Bavaria], Barons, 9th August 1842, And Vrints De Treuenfeld [Brussels], Created Baron 9th April 1860. Literature. The Winterhalter Catalogue Raisonne. No.386 'Present Location Unknown (Wild 1896, Mme Charles Bethmann)

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