Fred Allard, ‘BURNING DOWN’, 2017, Eden Fine Art

In the way of decoding the new societal codes,
this MEDIUM BAG is part of the «Luxury Graffiti» series.
Luxury is immersed in urban culture codes that are found in windows shopping,
but without leaving his native land... the street.

About Fred Allard

Fueled by themes of conspicuous consumption, luxury brands, and constructed identities, Fred Allard casts high fashion shopping bags filled with soda cans and bottles in resin. Influenced by ‘80s and ‘90s American pop culture and cosmopolitan European cities, Allard’s world is one in which brand dominates product and image matters most. Prior to his resin sculpture series “The Bags,” Allard created paintings inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, with bold colors and graphic text, and collages using deconstructed images of models culled from high fashion magazines, resulting in surreal, abstract, high-impact scenes. Celebrating commerce and exploring the emotional aspects of consumerism, Allard views his art-making and overall persona as a brand-building “trend lab”, constructing his own identity through artistic output in the same way that luxury objects bolster an individual’s image.

French, b. 1968