Fred Maroon, ‘Japan Rice Field in Oshino Village, near Mt. Fuji’, 1969, Artist's Proof

Mt. Fuji looms behind this rice field at the village of Oshino.

"Expo 70 was to take place in Osaka, Japan, and the editors at LOOK Magazine decided it would be an ideal time to do another of Maroon's "mind bogglers" - American fashions based on traditional Japanese costumes, photographed in appropriate settings in Japan. Most of my photography is done at daybreak and dusk, in order to capture that romantic, dramatic light."- Fred Maroon

Series: Fashions in Japan 1969

Image rights: © Fred J. Maroon

About Fred Maroon

American, September 24, 1924 - November 5, 2001, New Brunswick, New Jersey, based in Washington, DC, United States