Fred Maroon, ‘Outer Mongolia Gold Cashmere at the Erdeni Dzuu Lamasary in Karakorum’, 1966-1971, Artist's Proof

The Erdeni Dzuu lamasery in Kara Korum dramatizes the assets of one of the world's most luxurious fabrics: cashmere, made of fleece from the hardy goats raised on the Mongolian plains. The climate has grueling extremes...blistering in summer, subfreezing in winter. For insulation, the cashmere goat produces the silkiest, downiest undercoat of any domestically-raised animal. Here model Samantha Jones wears a classic full coat of black cashmere over a gold silk sheath.

Series: Cashmere Fashions in Mongolia 1966

Image rights: © Fred J. Maroon

About Fred Maroon

American, September 24, 1924 - November 5, 2001, New Brunswick, New Jersey, based in Washington, DC, United States