Frédéric Prat, ‘Blanc 1 2015’, 2015, IdeelArt
Frédéric Prat, ‘Blanc 1 2015’, 2015, IdeelArt

Like all of Prat's paintings, this work is disengaged from any representation and allows no interpretation or at least aims at allowing no interpretation. In that respect, it constitutes itself as an object, distinct from any external influence or reference. The aim is to maintain the will at a distance to preserve the reality of the painting.

Colour and material are the main subject matter of Prat’s painting. He therefore voluntarily excludes any recognisable forms from his work.

About Frédéric Prat

Frédéric Prat produces large-scale, abstract canvases with monochrome backgrounds and bright acrylic forms. Prat emphasizes the overall relationships between color, surface, and line above individual gestures. Having studied with the artists Joel Kermarrec, Tony Grand, and Claude Viallat, Prat is shaped by the Support-Surface movement of the 1970s and the belief that art should refer to itself rather than history or real-life events. Prat’s art attracts but does not guide the viewer’s gaze, allowing each painting to be interpreted as a cohesive whole. The artist is influenced by Barnett Newman and Ad Reinhardt’s paintings, which function as whole objects and embody what Prat calls “truth” in art.

French , b. 1966, based in Paris, France